@2017 Lorca Simons - Live Wire. www.lorcasimons.com

5Rhythms Ritual Theatre has grown out of the extraordinary body of work created by Gabrielle Roth.


Lorca co-founded this wing of the 5Rhythms world through a 19-year collaboration with Gabrielle. 

Lorca met Gabrielle in 1993, and having recognized the artistic thread that bound them, they began a deep dive for 19 years investigating “the billion miles of unexplored wilderness between the head and feet” using theatre as their medium. Together with they created 5RT, the theatre wing of the 5Rhythms world, collaborating on numerous original productions, labs, and ritual theatre explorations including "Water Bearer’s Dream",

Sole to Soul, & Savage Love. Lorca and long time theatre companion Jonathan Horan are Co-directors of 5RT.


Currently Lorca is further developing “Water Bearer’s Dream”; a journey across the great waters of the heart embodying the collective and fundamental struggle inherent in becoming a mother.


She is also developing a piece of theatre titled “Love Letters to a Raven” in honor of Gabrielle Roth, as well Lorca is scattering the seeds of an experimental theater lab ‘Live Wire’ which she created globally.