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Curiosity, Commitment & Soul

Live Wire

A high-voltage experimental theatre lab designed to explore and investigate the depths of the human spirit. 


Click here for upcoming labs.


An investigation of soul through the body. 

A single thread is cast through space, invoking emptiness - a basket is placed full of blank pages, waiting for whispers and entrances. 

The unravelling - the revealing tale of the hips, the feet, the head, the hands, and the breath- an unveiling of truths discovered through the 5Rhythms, one body part at a time. 

We will write, wonder and weather our way through light and shadow, footfalls and silences, creating the Ritual Theatre of your/our stories detailed soulfulness..

Furious dancing, mysterious humor and indelible visuals may occur.

When creating Live Wire I wanted to evoke a current of electric shape shifting unpredictability that is both spontaneous and mysterious. To create an experience fuelled by many souls hungry for an intimate sliver of the poetic landscape that is at the root and heart of our practice.


Live Wire is a 'plug in' to creative action, an opportunity to reawakening and sharpen those places in ourselves that need realigning or perhaps rewiring back to what’s most original and true. In the laboratory we illuminate language, uncover gesture and free the mind through our theatrical investigation. We unlock the stories our bodies are longing to tell. We turn “suffering into art, our art into awareness.and our awareness into action. 

Live Wire 2020 Wingspan-fb_v2 copy
Sole to Soul, "Slipping Away", NYC
"Spirit into Shape", BIM, Spain 2020
Breath In Motion, Spain. 2020
On The Verge Residential, Joshua Tree, CA
Montreal BIM 2019 ensemble shot long
Prayers on the line, BIM. Spain 2020
Sole Stories, BIM. Spain 2020
Live & Lit
Live Wire, Oxford 2018
Texas Live Wire rustic line
Soul Threading, NYC 2018
Electric Landscapes Live Wire Retreat Spain
Live Wire bucket & pegs, Spain
Tell Your Stories Here
Ensemble: Breath in Motion, Dallas
Electric Landscapes, Spain residential
The empty space
Connection, Spain LW Residential
Thierry w/red umbrella ensemble Spain
Lorca garage dance
Yes To All
Krakow Live Wire Ensemble
Into the Light, Poland
Martha Peabody
Lorca & Amber. Live Wire, CA
Spain Ensemble
Ensemble Live Wire, CA
The Current
Gosha, Live Wire, Poland
Live Wire, NYC *Julie Skarratt
Be A Poem
Martha & Lorca, LW, NYC
Water Bearers Dream, Texas
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