Live Wire Labs 2021

OnLine in the Zoom Creative Space 

 LISTENING FACES a Series of Ritual Theatre Investigations 

 Lorca Simons


Guest Artists from the Theatre Wing

Lab 1: CRADLING LIGHT with  Mati Vargas-Gibson 

February 20

L a b 2: RESILIENCE with Thierry Francois

April 17

L a b 3: HOT BOX with Irene Hernandez-Sanchez

July 3

L a b 4 : GATHER with Tom Schulz & Martha Peabody

November 7

L a b 5 : WHISPERS OF SILVER with Emma Leech 

December 19

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BREATH IN MOTION March 20 with Lorca & Irene Hernandez-Sanchez

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FALLING UP BACKWARDS  April 3 with Lorca & Emma Leech

WING SPAN May 22 with Lorca & Joanne Winstanley

More to follow watch this space.......

Love, Lorca 


@2020 Lorca Simons - Live Wire.