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Love Letters to a Raven, Hip Pocket Theatre summer 2019

‘Love Letters to a Raven’ is a journey into the wilderness of the heart with all its tributaries and undercurrents, into the depths of our soul’s thread. This piece of theatre is a rewiring, a realigning, a return to what is most original and true. Unlocking those stories our bodies long to tell, one body part at a time.

September 5RG Teacher Spotlight

The theatre wing is aLIVE and ready to welcome you to the wire, offering ritual theatre labs all over the globe. Come dive in deep or take your first toe dip. No swimming lessons required. 

January 2019 Up Coming Events

Curiosity. Commitment. Soul.

5Rhythms Tribe | Notes from the theatre wing: Using the Rhythms in the Exploration of a Character

Each scene in a play holds different rhythms, undercurrents and clues into the world of the script and the character I am portraying.

February 2017

Live Wire is a high-voltage experimental theatre lab designed to explore and investigate the depths of the human spirit. A dynamic, raw, energetic experimental base where anything is possible and an ever changing ensemble of dancers, teachers, artists and humans can explore.

Click here to view our February 2017 Newsletter.

August 2016

Live Wire is a 'plug in' to creative action, an opportunity to reawaken and sharpen those places in ourselves that need realigning or perhaps rewiring back to what’s most original and true. In the laboratory we illuminate language, uncover gesture and free the mind through our theatrical investigation. We unlock the stories our bodies are longing to tell. We turn “suffering into art and our art into awareness”.

Click here to view our August 2016 Newsletter.

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